Alice's Story

It started with fresh blueberry pie....


I began my pie making adventure by simply taking the incredible wealth of locally grown fruit from Whatcom County and making pies for potlucks and other gatherings of friends and family. My fresh blueberry pie was something that I began making using a recipe from a very old cookbook and modifying a bit for my own tastes. It is a special pie as it can only be made with fresh berries and is so delicious - it has pie power!

After so many people asked for the recipe of that pie and others and even more pie exclaimed - "You should sell these pies!" - I began to ponder what it would take to make my own pie passion a business.

This is the second year for Alice's Pies and I continue to sell a wide range of seasonal pies at the Bellingham Farmer's Market on most Saturdays. I also have been selling pies to several local restaurants and other outlets - check out Buy Pie to see where.

I take great pride in the pies I make - using as many local and regional ingredients as possible and taking the time to make each pie perfect. Yes, making great pies is an act of love. I hope you enjoy!


Me and my sister, Kate, on the first day of the farmer's market

~ Alice